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Egelhoff Law Offices is conveniently located in Wauwatosa, WisconsinWe are one of the most respected personal injury law firms in the Greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.  Since, 1993, Egelhoff Law Offices has been able to successfully litigate a broad-range of personal injury law claims.  If ever Egelhoff Law Offices cannot sway the insurance company to accept to a reasonable settlement, we will be able to argue our client’s case with certainty in court because we have the litigation experience and background and experience to be able to do so.  Our clients know they can relax and have trust in an Egelhoff Law Offices personal injury lawyer to combat for the payment they should have for their total expenses, lost paycheck and other sorts of losses.  We are totally determined to get you the ideal final results while being able to serve you with complete compassion and integrity.  You can trust a personal injury attorney from Egelhoff Law Offices to give the highest quality of legal counsel, while making sure to attend your personal injury accident details.  As a personal injury law firm, we have been able to secure millions of dollars in favorable settlements and trial verdicts for clients in every last type of personal injury, from devastating injuries to dangerous accident lawsuits.  We represent victims throughout the Milwaukee region and rest of the state, too.  It’s understandable why our Brookfield clientele have a preference for one of our experienced personal injury attorney at Egelhoff Law Offices, instead of going with one of our competitors.

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Why do Brookfield, Wisconsin clients continually choose the personal injury lawyers at Egelhoff Law Offices?  It is because they will contact us right away when they have been involved in a personal injury accident.  We are identified for having the kind of amazing sympathy that any of the other law teams are lacking.  Our main interest is to be present for our Brookfield clients’ immediate when they have immediate demands, just like health care for their accidental injuries.  While they focus on healing and recovery; we concentrate on their settlement.  Egelhoff Law Offices personal injury lawyers are experienced in managing personal injury accidents.  We also have the necessary background and experience in directing our clients in opposition to the insurance providers.  Egelhoff Law Offices has trial expertise in obtaining Brookfield clients’ personal injury law claims to court for more positive settlements.  Additionally, we strongly believe that a Brookfield client should get consistent up-dates and fast results. Lastly, our Brookfield clients are aware that Egelhoff Law Offices is capable of securing the most positive outcomes for them.  We know what your personal injury case is truly worth, and we will battle to get the full compensation you rightfully are entitled to.

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Egelhoff Law Offices are well-known for making sure nothing is forgotten when seeking the total compensation pay-out for personal injury accident victims.  We are not afraid about trying to get the entire full policy limit from the insurance company to be able to repay medical costs, lost pay, earning power, and any upcoming health care demands or permanent handicaps caused from the personal injury accident.  The personal injury lawyers at Egelhoff Law Officeshave a solid record of acquiring the full compensation for our clients.  Personal injury claims are handled on a concurrent fee basis so you don’t have to pay any attorneys’ fees until we retrieve damages for you.  We will visit your home or medical facility room, or meet with you at our Egelhoff Law Offices.  Phone us at: 1-414-453-7111 right now for your free, no obligation consultation.

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