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Since, 1993, Egelhoff Law Offices has been effectively litigating a wide-range of personal injury law claims.  Egelhoff Law Offices is located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and is among one of the major personal injury law firms in the Greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.  Our clients understand that they’re able to always depend on an Egelhoff Law Officespersonal injury lawyer to battle for the full amount of compensation that they are entitled to for their expenditures, lost earnings and other losses.  We are absolutely dedicated to obtaining the finest results while servicing our clients with sincerity and empathy.  As a personal injury law firm that represent victims all over the Milwaukee area and throughout the state, Egelhoff Law Offices has properly secured millions of dollars in positive agreements and trial verdicts for clients in each and every way of personal injury, from disabling injuries to critical accident lawsuits.  You can depend upon a personal injury attorney from Egelhoff Law Offices to constantly endeavor to provide the greatest quality legal counsel, while participating personally to the specifics of your personal injury accident.  It isn’t a surprise that our Cudahy clientele choose the skilled personal injury attorneys at Egelhoff Law Offices to our competition.

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Cudahy, Wisconsin residents trust in Egelhoff Law Offices, because of our experienced team of personal injury attorneys, who have the ability to offer unheard of consideration that you will not find with any other law group.  It is important to us that our Cudahy clients get their immediate needs taken care of, especially medical care for any injuries they may have gotten.  They can focus on their treatment and recouping while we focus on getting them the most degree of compensation attainable.  We have experienced personal injury lawyers that are proficient in litigating all levels of personal injury accidents.  When it comes to dealing with insurance companies, we have the required background and skills to assist in defending our Cudahy clients against insurance companies.  Egelhoff Law Officeshas the most amount of experience when it comes to trials, which means when it comes to taking any of our Cudahyclients to court for their unique personal injury law claims, we will more likely be able to get a more favorable settlement than any other.  We securely believe that any one of our Cudahy clients deserve being well informed by getting updates and responses as quickly as possible. Last but not least, our Cudahy clients know the Egelhoff Law Offices will be able to get top results for them.

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We have gained an excellent reputation at Egelhoff Law Offices for not leaving any detail out in order to gain the maximum payout for our victims of personal injury accidents.  We are not the least bit shy when it comes to going after a full-policy limit from the insurance company in order to be able to fully pay for lost earnings, every last medical expense, earning power, and compensation for any future health care needs or for permanent disabilities that resulted from a personal injury vehicle accident.  We are humbled that our personal injury lawyers at Egelhoff Law Offices have a rock-solid record of achievements when being able to obtain total compensation for any of our clients.  You will be pleased to know that any of the personal injury claims are taken care of on a contingency-fee basis.  That means you will not have to pay any fees from the attorney until we have recovered the money damages for you first.  For a free initial consultation, just gives us a call at 1-414-453-7111.  We will gladly visit you at your home or if you happen to be at the hospital we will visit you there, or you can even meet us at our Egelhoff Law Offices.  It is up to you.  We will work with you.

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