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Egelhoff Law Offices has been effectively litigating many personal injury law claims since 1993.  Egelhoff Law Offices is based in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin and is amongst one of the most trusted personal injury law firms in the Greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area.  If we can’t get you a suitable settlement offer from the insurance company, we will fight for your specific needs in court, which we have been doing for over 20 years.  As a personal injury law firm that represents clients in the Milwaukee area and around the state, Egelhoff Law Offices has adequately secured hundreds of thousands dollars in favorable legal agreements and trial verdicts for our clients.  All was carried out in each way attainable for personal injury, from unbearable accidental injuries to critical automobile accident lawsuits.  You can make use of a personal injury attorney from Egelhoff Law Offices to regularly give the finest quality of legal counsel, while actively taking part independently to the necessities of your personal injury accident.  It is no actual shock that our Greenfield clients opt for the skilled personal injury attorneys at Egelhoff Law Offices in lieu of our competitors.

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Greenfield, Wisconsin residents continually choose the Egelhoff Law Offices personal injury lawyers for a number of reasons, one of the main reasons being empathy.  We show our Greenfield clients empathy, which is often hard to come by at other law offices.  When working with Greenfield clients, we find it more important to work with their immediate needs, such as medical care.  This allows our clients to focus on recovery, while we focus on attaining the settlement.  We also have the necessary background and experience when it comes to defending our clients against the involved insurance companies.  Egelhoff Law Offices has years of trial experience and will take the Greenfield clients’ personal injury law claims to legal court for more advantageous settlements, if necessary.  We strongly believe that any of our Greenfield clients deserve to be clued into everything that is going on including with the updates and should get quick responses too. As a final point, our clients in Greenfield have a complete understanding about Egelhoff Law Officesbeing able to obtain the most favorable outcomes for each and every one of them.  We do happen to know what your personal injury case is truly worth, and we will fight until the very end to make sure you get all of the compensation you are entitled too.

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At Egelhoff Law Offices, we always research for the greatest achievable compensation for any of the affected individuals of a personal injury vehicle accident.  We are not even worried about finding a complete policy pay out limit from your insurance company to pay for any of the medical charges, lost paychecks, earning power, and any future health care demands or long-lasting afflictions caused from the personal injury collision.  The personal injury lawyers at Egelhoff Law Offices have a firm record of good results in finding the full compensation for clients.  Personal injury claims are treated on a contingency payment basis so you pay no attorneys’ service fees unless of course we retrieve damages for you.  We will are available to go to your home, hospital room, or meet you can meet with us at our Egelhoff Law Offices.  There is nothing to lose as we offer a free initial consultation, so give us a call at 1-414-453-7111.

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