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Egelhoff Law Offices, located in Wauwatosa, Wisconsin, is one of the foremost personal injury law firms serving clients in the Greater Milwaukee Metropolitan Area, as well as throughout the state.  Since 1993, Egelhoff Law Officeshas been successfully litigating a wide range of personal injury law claims.  In the event, Egelhoff Law Offices is unable to persuade the insurance company to agree to a fair settlement, we have the litigation background and experience to argue our clients’ cases confidently in court.  Our clients realize that they can always count on an Egelhoff Law Offices personal injury lawyer to fight for the compensation they deserve for their expenses, lost wages and other losses.  We are completely committed to getting the best results while serving our clients with integrity and compassion.  As a personal injury law firm representing victims throughout the Milwaukee region and across the state, Egelhoff Law Offices has secured millions of dollars in favorable settlements and trial verdicts for clients in every manner of personal injury, from incapacitating injuries to fatal accident lawsuits.  You can rely upon a personal injury attorney from Egelhoff Law Offices to always endeavor to deliver the finest quality legal counsel, while attending personally to the details of your personal injury accident.  It is no wonder that our Wauwatosa clientele prefer the experienced personal injury attorneys at Egelhoff Law Offices to our competitors.

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Why do Wauwatosa, Wisconsin clients consistently choose the personal injury lawyers at Egelhoff Law Offices?  They contact us when they have been involved in a personal injury accident because we are known for having the kind of unparalleled compassion that other law groups lack.  Our primary interest is to attend to our Wauwatosa clients’ immediate needs, such as medical care for their injuries.  While they concentrate on recovery and healing; we focus on their compensation.  Next, Egelhoff Law Offices are seasoned personal injury lawyers in litigating personal injury accidents.  We also have the necessary background and experience in defending our clients against insurance companies.  Egelhoff Law Offices has trial expertise in taking Wauwatosa clients’ personal injury law claims to court for more favorable settlements.  Further, we firmly believe that a Wauwatosa client deserves frequent updates and quick responses. Finally, our Wauwatosa clients are well aware that Egelhoff Law Offices is able to secure the most favorable results for them.  We know what your personal injury case is worth and we will fight to get the complete compensation you rightly deserve.

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Egelhoff Law Offices are well known for leaving no stones unturned in seeking the maximum compensation for personal injury accident victims.  We are not shy about seeking the full policy limit from the insurance companies in order to pay for medical expenses, lost wages, earning power, and any future health care needs or permanent disabilities resulting from the personal injury accident.  The personal injury lawyers at Egelhoff Law Offices have a rock solid record of success in obtaining the full compensation for clients.  Personal injury claims are handled on a contingency fee basis so you pay no attorneys’ fees unless we recover damages for you.  We will come to your home or hospital room, or meet you in our Egelhoff Law Offices.  Call us at: 1-414-453-7111, today, for your free initial consultation.

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